Handcrafted Soy Wax Candles

One of a kind fragrances made using natural essential oils.

  • Plant Based

    We use 100% natural soy wax which makes Pansara candles non-toxic and free of harmful carcinogens. Our candles are safe for those that suffer from breathing conditions.

  • Hand Made

    Each Pansara candle is hand poured at our facilities in India within a temperature controlled environment. This ensures sufficient curation of the wax resulting in a superior throw of the scent.

  • Cotton Wicks

    Our eco-natural cotton wicks are imported directly from London. They are made from paper filaments to ensure that the candle burns consistently without harmful soot.


Why is soy wax better than other wax?

Soy Wax is a plant based wax and is non-toxic which means it is safe to inhale when the candle is lit. This makes it a pet friendly and kids friendly candle. No paraffin. No parabens.

What oils do you use to give products the fragrance?

We use natural essential oils that are sourced locally; supporting local small businesses all around us.

What are eco wicks?

Our wicks are made of pure cotton and thin paper filaments interlaced for a more stable and consistent burn; it consists of specially treated paper threads providing a controlled curling of the wick. The wick is robust enough to deal with high concentrations of perfume and dye.