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Mogra Wax Sachet

Mogra Wax Sachet

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Please don't burn me!🔥 I work as a deodoriser. I can be placed in those small closed areas for freshness and pleasant aromas. I can be sneaked amongst clothes/lingerie in wardrobes, closets, drawers, laundry areas, near the dustbin, shoe cupboards, simply anywhere that requires a spring of freshness! 


How To Use

Remove all packaging before use. Wax sachets do not have to be heated to release their aromas. Simply place or hang in your desired area. Allow some time before the wax sachet releases its fragrance, once placed in your desired area.

Keep away from children and pets. Do not expose to sunlight.

Crafted in India

Crafted in India. Expertly blended and hand poured.  Thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped with sustainability. All our wax sachets are non toxic, natural, vegan and made from soy wax. No paraffin and no paraben. Eco friendly and cruelty free scents.

Plant Based

Beautifully fragrance natural aroma bars made with wax, oils, dried flowers and herbs/spices. 

Plant based Soy Wax that is free from parafin, parabens and other harmful elements.

Natural essential oils and dried botanicals.

And loads of love and passion 💚💚💚

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