Our Story

Pansara started from the need and desire of a good quality home fragrances. It should be differently sourced & free from harmful elements.
A nice scent in your surroundings can change a lot in human behaviour and mentality. Human beings have 5 senses. So each of the senses work according to their purposes throughout our daily life. The nose is an integral part of the 5 senses. We feel a positive vibe once we smell a significant aroma through our nose and in reflex we tend to appreciate the fragrance, even if our eyes are closed. We also immediately block our nose if we smell something bad but we start taking deeper breaths once we smell an amazing fragrance. It's a human reflex.
The nose only gets activated when there is a smell. Once you come across a nice aroma it generally tranquilizes your brain and calms you down. If you constantly are inhaling a good aroma it is proven to reduce depression & anxiety and elevate your mood. Even if you look at a burning candle for a prolonged period of time it releases stress.
So the questions arises, if we have the natural sources for creating the product, then why should we opt for something synthetic and harmful? If it’s a candle or a wax melt it definitely involves the participation of our senses, thus we shouldn't inhale harmful carcinogens and parabens often found in cheaper paraffin wax candles. 
All Pansara home wax products use plant-based soy wax and natural essential oils that pose to harm to us or the environment. Our candles are made from eco-cotton wicks which give an effective scent throw and has a much cleaner burn compared to others on the market. 
Our products are therefore bio degradable & eco friendly. Made of all natural ingredients; it is safe for children & pets. During the Pandemic when the world was at a lockdown the initiative of Pansara was born. We focused on filling the gaps of the products & quality between the U.K & India. When a lot of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic we involved the local Indian artisans in creating the utensils & auxiliary products for Pansara products. We also involved them in the creation of the home decor items. Thus our purpose is to bring the talent & skill of the local artists and also create a sustainable & safe future both for the environment & YOU.